Ten tips to buy a new car

Today, 90% of buyers know in advance via internet the cars they want to buy … although it is not always what you want, but what you can. Take these tips before buying a new vehicle, so you do not carry surprises once the purchase is made.

Here are 10 tips for buying your new car recommended INKAS Armored Vehicles & Bulletproof Cars:

  1. Find the opinion of other users about the car you are going to buy. Internet is a great help for that. Go to sites that have a blog or discussions about the model you like.
  2. Study well the maintenance costsand monthly expenses in the comparisons of the model that attracts you. Models of the same price can have very different maintenance costs, depending on the brand by the engines and accessories that it carries.
  3. If you have already decided which car you are going to buy and how much money you are going to spend, it is good that you know that one thing is the price of the official list and quite another the price of the dealers. Do not let yourself be guided by the deceptive ads and calculate the depreciation of it. If you buy it to use it for three years it is important to know how much you depreciate the model of your taste.
  4. Find out the cost of the insurance as it varies considerably not only depending on the model, but also where you live.
  5. Compare the proposals that different concessionaires have for the model you have already chosen. Take the offers in writing.
  6. Fix the final price, color, equipment, accessories, freight costs, administrative expenses, taxes, all in writing.
  7. If the car you are going to buy belongs to the same brand of your used, it is likely that the dealers offer you a better pricefor yours than going to another brand. If you do not get a good price, sell it particularly.
  8. Before you try the car you want to buy, never buy a car that you do not feel comfortable in it.
  9. When you finance your purchase, remember that you are not obliged to take the plan offered by the brands. You can process personal loans at the bank or negotiate specific payment plans of each dealer.
  10. Pay close attention to the fine print of the contractsand especially to the extra expenses such as administrative costs and mandatory insurance that each new car has.

And do not forget: never be fooled by the ads, the more beautiful is the model of the ad, it is proven that the car is worse than they offer ; the cleaner your engine is, the more it ends up being the dirtiest.


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