Things To Remember When Camping With Kids-Tips for Parents

Camping is a wonderful form of family bonding that you can introduce to your kids. In this modern day and age, kids rarely connect with nature and are stuck with gadgets. So it’s a great way to expose them with all things green and serene. But before you go out in the wild with your kids, you need to remember a few important things:

Give camping orientation to your kids. Let them know everything that they need to know about camping, such as the surroundings and activities that are waiting for them in the campsite. Orient them also about the encounters in the wild that they may experience.

Pick a family-friendly campsite. Since you’ll be bringing your kids with you, it is crucial to choose a campsite that offers a lot of activities for the kids. A lake and a hiking trail must be present for your kids to enjoy. You must also choose a smaller campsite to ensure the safety of your kids.

Create a buddy system. If you are bringing more kids with you, it is nice to create a buddy system, wherein older kids will be paired with younger kids. This will help you in managing all the kids in your team.

Write a checklist. Make sure you write all the things that you need to bring in the campsite. These include camping tent, flashlights, huge and thick blankets, towels, mosquito repellent lotion, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks on the go, canned goods, can opener, camping gazebo, and 4WD accessories.

Don’t forget to bring your kids’ favorite toys and books to keep them entertained while on the road and in the campsite.

Get your children involved. Make your kids feel that they are indeed part of the camping team. Let them help you set up the camping gazebo, prepare snacks, and clean up the mess. Allow them to give camping instructions, making them feel like leaders. You can also teach them how to use 4WD accessories.

Teach them how to act properly while in the camping site. There are plants that can be poisonous and animals that are dangerous that kids need to avoid. Let them know about these things. Teach them also to dispose their trash properly and know more about nature. In this way, you are also educating them how beautiful nature is.

Keep your kids safe. Your kids’ safety should always be your main priority. Educate them about the sites that are off-limits to them. You should also let your kids wear a whistle so they can call for rescue whenever needed. Instruct them also to find a tree if they cannot find their way back to the campsite. Tell them to blow their whistle three times to get your attention. Older kids can also be instructed to bring first aid kit, in case someone needs immediate treatment.

As long as you keep in mind the above pointers when camping with kids, it is sure that you and your kids will have a real blast in the wild.


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