What Is The Best Way To Clear Driving Theory Test In First Attempt

To be eligible for driving on the road, you need to clear driving test successfully. Quicker you pass this test, quicker you will get the driving license.  To pass this test in the first shot, there are some valuable tips that you must follow.

Don’t miss to bring your provisional license

Provisional license is very important at the time of appearing for the driving test. The primary reason for this is that you won’t be allowed to sit in the theory test, when you fail to bring your temporary or provisional license to the theory test venue. By not qualifying for the theory test, you will be wasting test fee as well as commutation expense.


It is obvious for a person to feel restless, anxious and worried when the exam is nearing. To perform your level best, it is advised to be in a relaxed mood. If you don’t sleep properly then it can cause drowsiness, laziness and tiredness in you.  So, it is advised to sleep well in the night and it will leave you feeling fresh, recharged and aware.

Be thoroughly prepared

When you are prepared well, you will be much more confident. There are a lot of learning material available online that will test your theoretical and practical driving knowledge and skills. From questions based on hazard perception, case scenarios to multiple-choice questions, you will get innumerable questions with different proficiency level.

Speed is also a very important factor when appearing for the driving test. Also, the more you practice, the quicker you will become in answering questions. There are several online websites where you can get practice tests for aspiring candidates.  The sooner you book for the test, the early you will get the opportunity to appear for the test. You can book theory test today to get your license as early as possible.

Take dummy practice tests at home

To perform well at the time of examination, you must take dummy practice test in a time restricted frame. This will help you get used to the needed speed at which your test should be completed. Initially you could find that you may not able to complete all the questions with in the given time frame. As you practice more and more, your speed will increase and you can easily complete your test in the specified duration.

Don’t reach late

Often it has been seen that candidates get late in reaching the venue. Be mentally prepared, eat well, carry your provisional license and reach ten minutes before to the test venue. When you go in a hurry, you will look flustered and won’t be able to remember anything that you need to. So, ensure that you have a few minutes in your hand to check your seating place. Keep yourself calm and composed and focus on yourself in these few minutes.


Driving test is an essential requirement to drive your vehicle on the road. With extensive practice, theoretical knowledge, and above tips, you can easily pass this test.

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