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Save 15% and get Auto Repair for Dummies by Deanna Sclar from Available in paperback and Kobo eBook. Plus, if you have a  membership you’ll earn 118 plum points. This guide provides  clear step-by-step instructions with illustration on how to perform car maintenance on your own. Let’s face it there comes a time when you need additional help to carry on a car repair or maintenance no matter your skill level. Sclar has updated systems and repair information,  added tips to save on maintenance and repairs as well as provided advice to when you need to call a mechanic. If you are looking to save money Auto Repair for Dummies is a must-get book to add to your personal library. This book will definitely help you diagnose and repair any car issue and save you on a trip to the mechanic. After reading this book you won’t be afraid to get under the hood and fix your own car. Before you know it you’ll realize you won’t be able to live without referencing this book.

Get How to Repair your Car: A Real-World Guide to Auto Ownership by Paul Brand from Available in paperback and earn 139 plum points. Fixing your own car doesn’t have to be complicated anymore or cost you more than expected. Paul Brand helps car owners maintain and repair their cars. How to Repair your Car is a very easy to follow guide with simple steps that are guaranteed to save you thousands in repairs. This book has 50 DIY projects to get more hands-on experience. Brand starts by explaining auto systems and then goes into minor and major problems that can arise in each system. This book provides advice on how to care for your car from the inside to the outside. How to Repair your Car is a great book if you are looking to extend your car’s  lifespan. A smooth read you’ll enjoy from beginning to end. A very informative book that is great for anyone interested in learning how a car works and DIY projects.

Save 8% and get The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair 2nd Edition by Dennis W. Parks from in paperback and earns you 164 plum points. An updated and revised version that provides all you need to tackle any auto repair. This book is especially for the car lover wanting to restore, modify or fix  their car. Parks explains succinctly the  always changing car guidelines and technologies. This book will help you lose your nervousness and weld and repair like a pro.  The Complete Guide to Auto Repair provides effective methods and easy to understand information that you are sure to recommend to others. After reading this book you will be prepared to repair, disassemble, reassemble and paint your car. Prepare to maintain your car looking flawless and like new on your own. A must-have book priced at an affordable price. At some point in your car ownership you’ll need to learn how your car works in order to fix it yourself and this book will come in handy.

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